About June

"It's putting one's head, one's eye and one's heart on the same axis."

That's how the great photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson, the father of the "decisive moment", described taking a photograph. In portraiture, the heart seems to dominate but the eye and the head collaborate to find the right moment that reveals real character. My goal is to create a portrait of a personality - not of a scratchy outfit saying "cheese" - and present it as a piece of art that will bring joyful memories to your life every day.

My rapport with children allows me to catch them at their most relaxed and revealing moments.  The charming giggle, the always surprising display of childhood wisdom, even the inevitable "I've had enough of this" look - these are the treasured moments I set out to capture.

My photography work gives me immense pleasure. I not only love the time spent during the photo session but my enjoyment is doubled when, back at my studio, the images bring a smile to my face while I make magic in the digital darkroom.

My work is inspired by the international arts and cultures that I absorbed during my circuitous yet always creative path that allowed me glorious time living, studying and working in Italy, Mexico, Turkey and the Caribbean as well as in legendary New Orleans and the more humble Port St. Lucie, Florida. And before all that, there was Philadelphia...where I was born, raised and found my sea legs. And now, sometimes missing the East Coast but never the cold, I am happy to be in Los Angeles and focusing on what I love most: photography.

My passion for photography first began in college as I was shivering my way through another Pennsylvania winter and concentrating on statistics of prison reform. In an elective art history class, I was blindsided by Alfred Stieglitz's photograph, “The Steerage”. I was especially moved by the humanity evoked in the image and the photographer’s ability to find beauty in the ordinary.

I quickly immersed myself in the history of photography and the early struggle for photography to be recognized as a legitimate art form.  I was so inspired by the masterworks of photographers like Edward Steichen, Gertrude Kasebier, Paul Strand and the more contemporary Robert Frank that I left Happy Valley, Pennsylvania and returned to Philadelphia to attend art school where I further fueled my new-found obsession.  Fortunately, my talent in photography turned out to be somewhat on par with my passion for it. Before heading off on my world travels, I shot commercially as well as artistically in Philadelphia and my work was exhibited and awarded prizes in several shows.

I continue to be inspired everyday by my surroundings - whether it's a heap of rusting metal or the flawless, glowing skin of an inquisitive toddler